Odette Jewellery

Evelyn Odette Mulholland is the resident jewellery designer and maker at Wall & Jones, with her brand ‘Odette Jewellery’.

She creates special custom pieces for clients to treasure, and also small runs of limited edition earrings, rings, bracelets and pendant necklaces. All made using fine jewellery techniques and luxury metals such as ruthenium, rose gold, gold and sterling silver.  She carefully sources precious and semi-precious stones cut in unusual ways like bullet cut and checkerboard cut gems.

Evelyn was born in New Zealand but emigrated to Western Australia in her teens.  She sat at a jeweller’s bench for the first time when she was eight and went on to study Jewellery Design and Construction at university. She moved to London in 1999 and worked in London’s high end jewellery district – Hatton Garden – for 15 years and at the same time also made costume jewellery for designers in Knightsbridge.

When designing pieces for Odette Jewellery, Evelyn draws on her interests in biomimicry, industrial art, classical mythology and the science of the natural world. Her creations are wearable objects d’art, full of meaning and movement.

“Jewellery is a form of engineering that stems from organic creative processes. It is drawn together with intricate mechanisms and components. 

Often sculptural or architectural in feel, my designs reflect a fascination with industry and nature, the classical and the kinetic. I am often inspired by nature’s own form of engineering : evolution.”